PT Misool Inovasi Indonesia is a skin care company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This company was founded in July 2021. After seeing an opportunity during the Covid-19 pandemic, skin care and health care were the basic needs of women and even men whose sales were quite stable even during the 1998 monetary crisis.

Even though the competition is very competitive, with the right analysis and strategy as well as building a quality team dominated by Gen Y, PT Misool Inovasi Indonesia is sure to become one of the largest companies in the skin care world.

Our Vision

“To become the biggest company in the beauty and health industry that helps many people to get convenience ”

Our Mission

  • Creating creative, innovative, quality and safe products and providing the best service for customer satisfaction
  • Build a network and quality employees at scale to form a strong organization
  • Carry out corporate responsibility and social care and improve the welfare of employees, business partners and capital owners